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Three Elite Labs Have Combined to Offer Science-First Cannabis Testing in CA, CO, and OR, and Best-in-Class Hemp Testing Across the U.S. and throughout the World

Denver, CO – February 22, 2022 – Agricor Laboratories and Botanacor Laboratories sister companies based in Denver, CO and SC Laboratories based in Santa Cruz, CA have joined forces to provide cannabis and hemp brands with access to the most comprehensive, industry-forward testing solutions in North America. The combination brings together three of the longest standing and most respected cannabis and hemp testing organizations in the U.S. and forms the foundation of a national testing network. The combination will bring value to both the hemp and cannabis industries, ranging from access to a broader range of testing resources, improved data delivery, innovative science, instrument redundancy and increased testing capacity, and improved operations to accelerate turnaround times.

This combination creates the largest specialized resource in North America that is committed to delivering exceptional testing results that empower smarter growing, manufacturing, and consumer decision making

Jeff Gray, CEO, SC Labs

“Agricor, Botanacor, and SC Laboratories have well-earned reputations for delivering high-efficacy results, through a ‘science-first’ approach to product quality, safety, and compliance,” said Dr. Carl Craig, CEO of Agricor and Botanacor Laboratories. “With operations in Colorado, California, and Oregon, the newly combined operation is uniquely positioned to support multi-state cannabis operators, as well as hemp producers within the U.S. and throughout the world.”

The labs are ISO 17025 accredited and in combination deliver the most comprehensive hemp and cannabis testing panel in the U.S. The labs have been in discussions for months and went through a rigorous audit and blind sample comparison process to validate the labs’ mutual approach to accurate and consistent results. SC Labs was founded in 2010, while Agricor and Botanacor were founded in 2014. Since their founding they have continued to innovate the testing industry with Botanacor recently being the first lab to receive ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) hemp testing certifications, and SC Labs credited with creating the first comprehensive hemp/CBD testing panel that combines the regulatory requirements of all states that publish hemp testing rules. This creates the pathway for national brands to sell hemp-derived CBD products in multiple states via one testing partner.

“Our customers are focused on speed, capacity, and accuracy in results,” said Mike Branvold, Co-Founder of Agricor and Botanacor Laboratories. “Early conversations about the combination were sparked by mutual customers that recognized our organizations’ shared vision for accurate cannabis testing and best-in-class customer service. By bringing together two of the most scientifically advanced cannabis testing organizations, we can further that vision by expanding capacity, building redundancy within our network, and accelerating our development efforts.”

“This combination creates the largest specialized resource in North America that is committed to delivering exceptional testing results that empower smarter growing, manufacturing, and consumer decision making,” Jeff Gray, CEO of SC Labs. “By combining these reputable science organizations, we’ve taken major steps toward creating a laboratory network that is dedicated to improving the safety of cannabis products for all consumers, globally.”

While the combination builds the foundation of a national testing network, the organization is focused on continued expansion via acquisition and organic entry to new markets – all with the focus on best serving customers’ needs across North America and supporting a growth market where testing can help deliver confidence to consumers.

About Agricor Laboratories
Founded in 2014, Agricor is the leading third-party cannabis testing laboratory in Colorado. Motivated by a responsibility to the end user, the company provides consistent and accurate cannabis testing services, so its customers can be confident they are maintaining regulatory compliance and releasing safe products to market. By following Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and by working to intensively validate facilities, equipment, and processes, Agricor remains the first choice in testing for Colorado-based cannabis businesses. For more information, visit; 720-460-3489.

About Botanacor Laboratories
Founded in 2014, Botanacor is the leading third-party testing platform for hemp and hemp-derived products in North America. The company is committed to providing consistent and accurate hemp testing services to ensure its customers across the U.S. meet regulatory compliance and industry safety demands. Following cGMP and GLP requirements in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, Botanacor was the first lab in the country to receive CDPHE and ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ certifications. For more information, visit; 888-800-8223.

About SC Laboratories
Founded in 2010, SC Labs is one of the cannabis industry’s oldest licensed testing labs. Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, SC Labs is accredited to ISO 17025 in California and by Oregon’s Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP). The company is licensed for hemp testing in California, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. SC Labs is a leader in the testing and education of terpenes and the role they play in cultivars’ quality attributes and the consumer experience. The company is also recognized for its innovation in hemp testing by developing the first comprehensive hemp/CBD testing panel to help drive the industry forward while ensuring consumer safety. For more information, visit; 866-435-0709.

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