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At SC Labs, we help streamline your business. Driven by customer-centric innovation, our testing solutions provide critical tools to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute cannabis or hemp products. By design, our tools bridge the gap between regulatory compliance or research and development—allowing you to innovate faster with increased safety.

cannabis and hemp testing

Cannabis and Hemp Testing

SC Labs tests both cannabis
and hemp for potency and safety. We are licensed for compliance testing in California and Oregon.

accredited labs

Accredited Labs

Accredited to ISO 17025 in California and by ORELAP in Oregon, our labs provide consistent testing with accurate, reliable results.

Swift and seamless lab data

Swift and Seamless Lab Data

The Client Service Portal provides convenient access to your lab data. Submit samples, view results, or contact your dedicated customer service representative.

Extensive fleet of couriers

Extensive Fleet of Couriers in CA

SC Labs can pick up submissions or conduct compliance sample events within 48 hours1 of request via the Client Service Portal.

  1. Excludes requests received Sunday.

Watch: Emerald Cup and SC Labs discuss our 11-year partnership, the value of testing, and adding terps to the judging criteria.


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While laboratory testing for potency and contaminants offer valuable insight for safety and quality, the PhytoFacts alternative report expands and complements the certificate of analysis (COA). Our goal to provide a reporting tool that gives greater insight into the chemometric make up of cannabis flower or concentrate is here. We introduce PhytoFacts, an easy-to-understand, data-driven report that presents useful information to buyers, budtenders, and consumers.


Terpenoid Analysis

SC Labs tests the 39 most commonly found terpenes using gas chromatography coupled with a flame ionization detector (GC-FID) via a liquid injection. This method is optimal for ensuring that all terpenes in the sample are detected as other techniques utilizing headspace can result in reduced recoveries.

SC Labs - Laboratory License and Accreditation

SC Labs

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