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SC Labs’ mission is to build value for industry partners by providing impeccable data, insights to drive innovation, and the science to unlock product potential through suggested therapies and organoleptic attributes. See what some of our client’s have to say.

PhytoFacts® Success Stories

Mercy Wellness

Dispensaries can be confusing places, especially for customers who may be new to cannabis or for those looking for products to achieve a specific therapeutic effect. How can retailers and budtenders help these consumers find the right product and desired effect in an intuitive and educational manner?


Unlike flower, discerning the nuances of extracts can be a bit more difficult for customers. The organoleptic characteristics (flavors and smells) can be a bit more muted, so how can you show a customer what they can expect from a particular strain?

Bloom Network

Cannabis consumers are becoming more sophisticated, and they’re really wanting to better understand the products that are available to them. There are virtually hundreds of products on store shelves, so how do you know that what you’re getting will deliver the desired effects?

Flow Kana

As a sun grown brand from the Emerald Triangle, Flow Kana plants express higher than average levels of terpene concentrations resulting in a more flavorful and effective experience. But everyone claims they have the best flower, right? So how do you show them the flavor, aroma, and effects that yours packs?

Featured Product

Papa & Barkley: Did you know that P&B is so dedicated to quality products that they perform multiple rounds of tests throughout their manufacturing process? We’re honored to partner with them, and we praise their devotion as they consistently deliver innovative, quality products.


Legacy, Equity, and Compassion

Humboldt Legacy Compassion Project: From farm to patient through the permitted supply chain, industry leaders combine to provide a donation of products and services to help those in need of cannabis medicine.

“Having the famed ‘entourage effect’ broken down into easy-to-understand visuals helps our flower fans understand why the sungrown cannabis they choose is their favorite cannabis product. That data does a lot of our work for us — and I’m always a fan of that.”

Annie Davis, VP Marketing at Flow Cannabis Co.

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