Residual Solvent Testing

Accurate detection of manufacturing by-products

The need to ensure the highest levels of product purity and consumer safety is paramount. SC Labs has developed a residual solvent test (RST) solution that can identify the presence of harmful solvents, by-product impurities, and/or other added odorants and chemicals present in concentrated forms of cannabis and hemp products.

Our newest comprehensive residual solvent test panel detects up to 64 analytes (all ISO approved) and is an ideal solution for quality assurance or to address multiple state testing rules for hemp.

SC Labs utilizes utilizes gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to identify and quantify a full range of extraction by-products found in processed cannabis and hemp.

With proven processes and highly-skilled personnel, we deliver actionable information for compliance, product safety, and quality assurance. All of our tests are designed to produce dependable, rapid results, consistent with established standards from the USP1, AHPA2, DCC3, or ORELAP4.

Contact your SC Labs account manager to customize a test panel that meets your needs. Contact us online or call 866-435-0709.

Features and Benefits

  • Target up to 64 analytes (all ISO accredited)
  • Choose from multiple test panels to meet your program needs
  • Choose from multiple test methods: USP, AHPA, USDA, and client-directed
  • 2 accredited laboratories (Santa Cruz, CA, ISO 17025:2017 and Tigard Oregon, ORELAP)
  • Multiple state hemp lab licensure registrations (CA, CO, IL, OR, PA, and TX)
  • Advanced instruments and proven test processes (HPLC-MS and GC-MS)
  • Fast and reliable turnaround times
  • Streamlined reporting and data management solutions
  1. United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  2. American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
  3. Department of Cannabis Control (DCC)
  4. Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP)

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