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National Hemp Compliance Testing

Distribute products nationwide with just one panel

Looking to distribute your products in multiple states or nationwide? SC Labs’ National Hemp Compliance Panel is designed to help hemp businesses ensure regulatory compliance no matter where their products are distributed in the US.

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A convenient way to ensure nationwide compliance

We understand how difficult it is to ensure nationwide compliance due to the intricate patchwork of state regulations.

After partnering with one of the nation’s largest grocers to test their line of hemp products for national distribution, SC Labs has successfully built a test panel that earns true compliance, and in doing so, earns consumer confidence. And we can help you too.

We’re also proud to say that every test within the National Hemp Compliance Panel is also ISO 17025-accredited. SC Labs is the only lab in the country able to do so.

Accurate, all-encompassing hemp testing data is now possible.

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What’s included?

Our National Hemp Compliance package includes the following tests:

  • Cannabinoids Test Panel
  • Comprehensive Pesticides Test Panel – National Hemp
  • Mycotoxins
  • Comprehensive Residual Solvents Test Panel – National Hemp
  • Comprehensive Microbiological Contaminants Test Panel – National Hemp
  • Heavy Metals Test Panel
  • Water Activity

Sample Size Requirements

Providing quality samples and meeting minimum weight requirements is essential for effective laboratory analysis. Samples that lack enough material may not provide sufficient volume to conduct the test that was ordered.

Our sample size requirements for the National Hemp Compliance package vary by product type.

Package/Panel NameMinimum Weight
Hemp Safety Package - Comprehensive - Flower16 g
Hemp Safety Package - Comprehensive - Product (Concentrate)*15 g
Hemp Safety Package - Comprehensive - Product (Infused)25 g
Pesticide Panel - Comprehensive2 g
Residual Solvent Panel - Comprehensive1 g
Microbiological Panel - Comprehensive8 g

* Cartridges: Due to difficulty removing the sample from a cartridge, we recommend submitting double the amounts typically required for a concentrate.

How to select a laboratory guide

What to look for … and what to avoid.