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The nation’s most complete test packages for quality assurance

Our hemp/CBD test solutions empower you to develop quality hemp products while staying one step ahead of test standards and regulations. While testing for THC levels is a federal requirement at pre-harvest, safety tests are now being required in many states. Establishing a strategic partnership with a testing laboratory is more important than ever.

SC Labs’ bundled quality assurance (QA) test package options target a complete list of contaminants (all ISO accredited), address multiple state hemp testing requirements, and meet quality testing standards from organizations like USP1, AHPA2, and AHP3).

Let a SC Labs Sales Representative help you tailor a program that meets your quality and state testing requirements. Contact us online or call 866-435-0709.

Hemp and CBD Testing


SC Labs is first to create a hemp testing panel that covers a range of contaminants at a national level

Company aims to fill the void of national hemp testing requirements to reassure companies and consumers that products are safe

As an industry, we’ve been advocating for national, standardized, and transparent testing regulations for years now. The government has been slow to respond so we decided it was time to act. The test we’ve created meets or exceeds the requirements of most states and that will give consumers greater peace of mind. No one else can say that right now.

– Jeff Gray, SC Labs Co-Founder and CEO

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New Nation’s most expansive test panel options

Offering the nation’s most complete ISO accredited test menus for hemp analysis. Comprehensive hemp/CBD testing packages available that meet or exceed state testing rules, quality standards, and test method guidelines.

Solutions that safeguard the supply chain

SC Labs testing services are packaged in way to solve even the most complicated test rules and supply chain issues. Covering a range of analytes, our solution-based tests allow you to mitigate risk, remain compliant, and keep your supply chain moving.

Progressing quality and compliance test standards

Meeting the highest standards in science and compliance, we have a history of helping companies, and the brands behind them grow. SC Labs is a champion of responsible regulations, standardization of methodology, and industry transparency.

Microbiology Hemp CBD Testing

Essential hemp/CBD testing solutions

Discover how SC Labs solutions help address the shifting dynamics of the industry. SC Lab is committed to solving your testing  goals or challenges—building a relationship based on transparent, honest, and proactive communication.

Multiple state hemp lab licensure registrations (CA, CO, IL, OR, PA, and TX)

Extensive portfolio of solutions and relentless pursuit to progress quality standards

2 accredited laboratories (Santa Cruz, CA, ISO 17025:2017 and Tigard Oregon, ORELAP4)

Compliance resources including a hemp/CBD regulatory testing guidelines database

Streamlined reporting and data management solutions

Total relationship care through dedicated team of professionals




With client access to our hemp/CBD regulatory testing rule database, SC Labs can help guide and tailor your test program—ensuring quality assurance protocols meet or exceed state regulatory standards for the markets in which you plan to produce and/or distribute. Additionally, panels can be customized to meet quality standards from the USP1, AHPA2, and AHP3).

Quality assurance test packages

While THC concentrations of industrial hemp may have been analyzed at pre-harvest, for some states, additional contaminant tests are now required prior to processing or prior to reaching retail shelves. Bundled test options target a comprehensive list of contaminants, address state compliance rules, and meet established quality testing standards.


Meets national hemp testing standards (participating states).5

  • Cannabinoids Test Panel (15)
  • Comprehensive Pesticides Test Panel – National Hemp (105)
  • Mycotoxins (6)
  • Comprehensive Residual Solvents Test Panel – National Hemp (64)
  • Comprehensive Microbiological Contaminants Test Panel – National Hemp (18)
  • Heavy Metals Test Panel (4)

New CALIFORNIA QA PACKAGE | Hemp Product Non-Inhalable

Meets proposed California hemp testing standards.

  • Cannabinoids Test Panel (15)
  • Standard Pesticides Test Panel – California (66)
  • Mycotoxins (6)
  • Standard Residual Solvents Test Panel – California (20)
  • 2-Organism Microbiological Contaminants Test Panel – Non-Inhalable (PCR) (2)
  • Heavy Metals Test Panel (4)

New BASIC QA PACKAGE | Hemp Product

Targets relevant contaminants.

  • Cannabinoids Test Panel (15)
  • Basic Pesticides Test Panel (18)
  • Standard Residual Solvents Test Panel – California (20)
  • Standard Microbiological Contaminants Test Panel (6)
  • Heavy Metals Test Panel (4)

Additional test panels and individual analyte options are available.

Hemp flower, oil, seeds, and capsules

Many types of products

SC Labs can test many type of products—from hemp biomass, flowers, and leaves to liquids, solids, or crystallized products. We can also test other raw material inputs.

Dietary Supplements
Personal Care
Edibles and Gummies
Bath and Lip Balm

Pet Care
Teas and Beverages
Raw Hemp
Crude Oil
CBD Distillate

CBD Isolate
CBD Cartridges
Water Soluble CBD
Nano-emulsified CBD
Infused Products
Material inputs and more

Hemp pre-harvest testing

Cultivation, processing, and sale of industrial hemp include stringent regulations and compliance laws. At SC Labs, our testing solutions add clarity for your industrial hemp product and empower each facet of the supply chain with valuable insight and actionable information. We are confident our potency and purity calculations will provide valuable insight for your hemp items.

SC Labs offers pre-harvest hemp testing in California, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Client Service Portal - Sample Detail View

Test results are just the beginning

Transforming your data management experience

Built custom for the hemp/CBD business flow, SC Labs was one of the industry’s first labs to engineer a test management platform for scalability, speed, and operational efficiency. Our Client Service Portal (CSP) combines streamlined test ordering and payment functions with advanced result reporting features. Optional “Share” functions help clients inform their supply chain partners or allow certificate of analysis (COA) verification from consumers.

Hemp State Testing Rules

State guidance for hemp laboratory testing

TESTING REFERENCE GUIDES: Pre-Harvest Hemp and Hemp/CBD Product Analysis 

We provide our client’s with access to valuable reference resources that outline state and tribal hemp testing requirements, including guidance regarding target contaminants and action level rules for a pass/fail result.

Items covered in the SC Labs hemp testing rule database:

  • Covers mandatory testing requirements in all US states
  • Options are for hemp cultivators, processors, and manufactures
  • Summary of state hemp product testing requirements for contaminants: pesticides, microbiology, mycotoxins, residual solvents, heavy metals, and more.
  • Summary of federal and state testing requirements for industrial / pre-harvest
  • Reference information highlights state mandated action levels—listed from lowest to highest by state for topicals and other products.

Contact your SC Labs account manager to review the state guidance information and customize a test panel that meets your needs. Contact us online or call 866-435-0709.

  1. United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  2. American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
  3. American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP)
  4. Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP)
  5. Meets most national hemp testing standards in terms of action limits and analytes for contaminants including pesticides, heavy metals, microbiology, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and water activity. Does not apply to inhalable hemp sample types.

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