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USDA Hemp Compliance Testing

Harvest with confidence

The USDA Final Rule requires hemp producers to test their crop for Total THC calculated on a dry weight basis.

Hemp being harvested

When should you test?

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Before harvest

Most cultivators choose to conduct a series of Dry Weight Potency tests in the weeks leading up to harvest, to confirm the cannabinoid levels. These tests results are for quality assurance purposes and are not reported to anyone but you.

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At harvest

When you’re ready to harvest, our USDA-compliant Dry Weight Potency test provides you and your state regulators with legally defensible documentation. The Certificate of Analysis indicates the Total THC content, the moisture corrected result, and the Measurement Uncertainty (MU) of our method.

  • The sample size for USDA compliance testing is determined by your state’s sampling requirements.
  • SC Labs has USDA-compliant samplers on staff in California and Colorado and can arrange sampling in other states.