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Press Release, mg Magazine.

A revolution is underway at Emerald Cup ( regarding how they will assess excellence in cannabis. With it comes a new system for anyone – from consumers, budtenders, dispensaries, judges, to growers, that will universally classify cannabis based on terpenes, flavor and effects. Rapidly fading are the days of simply seeking out the highest THC totals as science has converged to finally prove that terpenes are at the root of the entourage effect that consumers are seeking.

Terpenes, however, with their unfamiliar names and mysterious effects, have mostly added another layer of consumer confusion already complicated by overly broad Indica/Sativa/Hybrid terminology, whimsical strain names, irrelevant THC/CBD percentages, and other ambiguous factors that make the process of selecting the best or correct strain, a less-than-satisfying ordeal for even the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs.

Together we hope to empower a better way for consumers to understand the range of flavors, aromas and effects within Cannabis, and bridge the gap between what legacy has always known with regards to terpene content defining quality.

Alec Dixon, Co-Founder and Director of Client Relations, SC Labs

In early 2021, recognizing the early signs of this cultural shift and looking ahead to the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards, co-Producers Tim and Taylor Blake thoughtfully assembled an advisory committee consisting of testing partners, leading experts, scientists, and previous judges – even founder Tim Blake himself – to implement a new …