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Patrick Williams, Cannabis Business Times

On the heels of a federal RICO lawsuit alleging cannabis potency inflation in Arkansas, the issue is top of mind for many industry members.

While a ruling in that case remains to be seen, Cannabis Business Times recently spoke with cannabis testing lab executives about the topic of purposely altered lab results. Potency inflation is one of those issues, though sources told CBT that they also include hemp growers requesting potency deflation, as well as cannabis businesses seeking lower contaminant percentage results.

When regulations came along, we started seeing certain labs that just started getting a reputation for higher cannabinoid results, or that didn’t really have any of their samples failing for any of the kind of contaminate testing.

Joshua Wurzer, co-founder and chief operating officer, SC Labs

For this story, CBT spoke with Josh Wurzer, president and co-founder of SC Labs, a cannabis and hemp testing lab that operates in California, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas, and…