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Patrick Williams, Cannabis Business Times

California’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) closed public comment Aug. 2 on a regulatory package aimed at resolving the issue of inaccurate cannabis lab test results.

But there’s a problem with the DCC’s approach, say California cannabis lab managers.

At least six commenters in an Aug. 1 public hearing on the package stated that the issues with fraudulent lab tests will not be addressed by the proposed regulations. Some said the regulations will hurt the industry and consumers if labs are required to spend time and money to comply with new regulations while potency inflation continues.

…the department can analyze aggregate historical data to look at laboratories who are deviating from the mean in testing, which might be an indication that those laboratories are reporting incorrect results, whether intentional or not.

Travis Ruthenburg, Sr Vice President of Research & Development, SC Labs

The DCC issued the proposed regulations following the passage of California Senate Bill 544, which requires the agency “on or before January 1, 2023, to establish one or more standardized cannabinoids test methods to be used by all testing laboratories. The proposed regulations outline that cannabis testing labs must use…