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Amelia Williams, Leafly

To celebrate 166 years, the California State Fair has finally gotten on the weed train. Joining its established roster of olive oil, beer, wine and cheese competitions is the inaugural California State Fair Cannabis Awards.

A total of 60 awards were dolled out to the creme de la creme from submissions of over 300 licensed operators this past Thursday. But rather than a roster of celebrity judges smoking their way through the samples, the California State Fair partnered with SC Labs for a “science-based” approach that centered cannabinoid and terpene content in 10 divisions via three umbrella categories for growing techniques: indoor, outdoor and mixed light.

This years inaugural awards are symbolic in the sense that the state is recognizing cannabis as a valid agricultural contribution and granting awards based on science rather than a tasting (not that we don’t love a good tasting competition).

There was also the overall Best of California category, whose winners were awarded golden bear trophies…