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Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment

The California State Fair has unveiled the winners of a first-ever, state-sanctioned marijuana competition, awarding 60 trophies and medals to businesses whose products were judged based on lab testing for quality and cannabinoid profiles.

Officials first announced the competition late last year, celebrating the fact that the state’s cannabis industry is being recognized as legitimate market that’s no longer being treated differently than other commodities.

“Adding cannabis cultivation, alongside wine, craft beer, cheese and olive oil, was a perfect fit with the CA State Fair’s history of celebrating California’s rich agriculture history,” California Exposition & State Fair Board of Director Chair Jess Durfee said in a press release about the winners on Thursday.

Award-winning cannabis comes from the immaculate care, craft and skill in the drying, curing and preservation of the most fleeting quality indicators that cannabis produces—which are the terpenes and other trace volatile compounds present in any given cultivar.

Alec Dixon, Cofounder and Executive VP of Client Relations, SC Labs

More than 300 entries were submitted in three grow-type divisions (indoor, outdoor and mixed light) in 10 different categories per division. Those categories were based on…