June 23, 2021 SC Labs

PhytoFacts: Standardizing the Way We Talk About Terpenes

Mark Lewis, Ph. D., Napro Research.

PhytoFacts didn’t appear out of thin air. It came from an urgent need in the cannabis sector. Breeders, buyers, producers, and ultimately consumers needed a quick reference and easy-to-understand guide to know their products.

Admittedly, PhytoFacts did also come from somewhat serendipitous beginnings. Throughout my studies toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and Biochemistry PhD at Purdue University, I continually found myself studying under researchers who were embedded in hemp or cannabinoid studies.

Despite cannabis circling back into my professional life on a semi-regular basis, it wasn’t until my move to California that all the pieces began falling into place for Napro Research. Through my…

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