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Jimi Devine, LA Weekly.

Following Tuesday night’s big news about no more mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders, Governor Gavin Newsom has approved three more bills that will have an impact on both of the state’s cannabis markets: regulated and unregulated.

The first big bill, AB-1138, addresses civil enforcement around unlawful cannabis activity. Under the newly enacted law, a person engaging in commercial cannabis activity without a license will be subject to civil penalties of up to three times the amount of the license fee for each violation. Each day the offender is in operation will be considered a separate violation of this section. Anyone caught aiding and abetting the operation will face the same fine.

We like the intent of the bill, to standardize THC values across the industry. However, we believe that the minority of labs that are inflating THC values will still be able to get away with doing so even with a standardized method while the rest of the labs will have their hands tied with regard to innovation and method improvement.

Josh Wurzer, Co-Founder and President, SC Labs

The CA government will use the money from the above fines to reimburse the Attorney General’s office or the city or county attorney that investigates each individual offender. If the city has more than…