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More than half of 29 hemp tea and coffee products that underwent recent analysis in the USA showed CBD levels different from that advertised on the labeling, a study has found.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Leafreport, a CBD reviewer, said it found products that were off by anywhere from 11.5% to 62% from the labeled CBD content. Leafreport reviewed products from a variety of brands, specifically to check the veracity of label claims about potency.

The reviewer said while some variation is expected in natural products such as hemp-derived CBD, levels should still be within a reasonable range.

SC Labs, Santa Cruz, California provided third-party testing services for the Leafreport study, turning out certificates of authorization (COAs) for the 29 products reviewed. That analysis found that out of 14 teas and coffees advertised as containing broad or full-spectrum hemp extract, 11 (79%) were “accurately” labeled while only three contained CBD.

Rules are needed

“Industry experts recommend that cannabis products should contain cannabinoid levels that are within 10% of the advertised amount,” Leafreport said, but few guardrails…