About SC Labs

SC Laboratories services all of California from four locations:

Santa Cruz Lab
Mon – Sat • 10am to 6pm
100 Pioneer Street, Suite E
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(866) 435-0709

Santa Ana Lab
Mon – Fri • 10am to 6pm
1822 Carnegie Ave,
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(866) 435-0709

Sacramento Field Office
Tue – Thurs • 9:30am to 5pm
New location coming soon!
Courier pickups available by appointment.
By appt: (916) 248-5577

Santa Rosa Field Office
Mon – Fri • 10am to 5pm
1066 4th Street, Suite D
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
By appt: (707) 230-5008

Portland, Oregon: COMING SOON!

SC Labs is an analytical testing laboratory. SC Labs does not cultivate, produce, process, distribute or sell cannabis or cannabis products. We list products with images and analytical test results on our website as a way to show consumers that a particular product has been analyzed for potency and safety in our lab. 

Getting Started

SC Labs offers so much more than analytical testing on cannabis products. We provide business solutions for cannabis companies. Some of the other services we provide include a customizable client profile page on sclabs.com, marketing materials that include unique labels, strain cards, QR codes and watermarked analysis reports. We also offer API integration to 3rd party sites, seamless IT integration, and a dedicated customer service team. Beyond that, SC Labs is an industry leader in promoting cannabis education. We provide budtender trainings for collectives and educational materials for patients. Our close relationship with weedmaps.com ensures that your test results from SC Labs are easily transferred to your menu page on the world’s largest cannabis network. You can find more information here.

We have couriers that cover the Bay Area, Arcata, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Palm Springs, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Santa Ana and High Desert. Your customer service representative will get to know you and your testing needs and call you weekly to schedule your courier pick-up for the following day.
Not near Santa Cruz or Santa Ana? No problem! There are a couple other ways to get your sample material to us. If you are in a region covered by one of our couriers, you can easily schedule a pick up by calling the lab and requesting a courier. You may also ship your material to us via fed-ex or UPS overnight. All shipped samples must be packaged properly and contain a completed Sample Submission Form. Please check with your customer service representative for specific instructions on how to properly package and ship your samples to us. You can view more detailed instructions on how to prep and ship your samples to us here.
Yes! Weedmaps.com is an important partner of ours and we work very closely with them to make sure the results of our clients’ tests are visible on their weedmaps.com page and visible to all their potential customers. We also offer the option to automatically link all of your test results to your weedmaps.com menu as soon as the test results are available.
We guarantee cannabinoid profiling results within 3 business days from when your samples are received in our lab. Please note that this does not include weekends or holidays. All other tests, including Pesticide Tests, Microbiological Tests, Terpene Tests, and Residual Solvent Tests are considered specialty tests. These tests generally take 4 to 7 days to complete, but are typically complete within 4 days.
Customers who want to use SC Labs “Tested” logo on the packaging of their products must perform appropriate testing of each batch of product that is bearing the logo. There are no exceptions. Please contact your account representative for more information. Use of the SC Labs “tested” logo without express written permission from SC Labs is strictly prohibited. SC Labs makes every effort to ensure that clients whose products that bear the SC Labs “tested” logo adhere to our rules and protocols for use on their products. It is also recommended that consumers of cannabis products always request a Certificate of Analysis from the manufacturer, distributor or retailer to ensure that the product has been tested for safety.
We test cannabis flowers, concentrates, leaves, e-liquids/vape oils, crystallized isolates, as well as liquid and solid infused products such as coconut oils, tinctures and edibles.
SC Labs offers a total of 5 different tests which include cannabinoid profiling, terpene analysis, pesticide testing, microbiological testing, and residual solvent testing. Depending on the type of material you are interested in testing, there are 3 – 5 tests we can run on your product. For concentrates, we can run cannabinoid profiling, terpene analysis, pesticide testing, microbiological testing, and residual solvent testing. For flowers, we can run cannabinoid profiling, terpene analysis, pesticide testing and microbiological testing. For infused products, we can run cannabinoid profiling, pesticide testing and microbiological testing. We are not able to run terpene analysis and residual solvent testing on infused products because oils and other materials in infused products could damage our instruments. For this reason, we always recommend that our clients run their terpene analysis and residual solvent testing on their base material before it is infused into their final product.
To begin testing with SC Laboratories, simply call us at 866-435-0709 and ask to speak to one of our representatives about setting up an account. You may also email us with your contact information, and one of our representatives will give you a call at their earliest convenience.

I just set up my SC Labs Account! Now What?

The Sample Submission Form (SSF) is a legal document that accompanies your samples as they move from your hands to our hands, to be logged and processed in our lab. Filling out your Sample Submission Form correctly and completely is perhaps the most important step in submitting your samples for testing. A completed Sample Submission form must accompany every sample or batch of samples that you submit to us. If we receive your samples without a Sample Submission form, or an incomplete Sample form, the processing of your samples will be delayed. Please print as clearly and legibly as possible to eliminate any confusion when your samples are being logged into our system.

You may download the blank Sample Submission Form here

View Our Detailed Instructions on how to Fill Out a Sample Submission Form Here
Once your first batch of samples are logged in our system, your customer service representative will contact you with login credentials to your new client page on sclabs.com. Your new account will be set up the following business day after your samples are received. If your samples are received on a Friday or Saturday, your account will be set up that following Monday. Once you have your login credentials, you can log in to your client portal to view your results and customize your profile page.
We have a dedicated team of experienced customer service specialists on staff to walk you through any issues that may come up for you. Clients are assigned to certain customer service team members based on the region in which they live. We encourage our clients to get to know their rep and develop a personal relationship with them. Should you ever have trouble reaching your personal customer service representative and need to speak to someone immediately, anyone on the customer service team will be able to assist you.
Once your first samples are logged into our system, you will be issued a SCL client ID Number in our Laboratory Inventory Management System. Your customer service representative will include this number in the welcome email they send you, along with login credentials to access your account on sclabs.com

Results are sent directly to your sclabs.com account. Once we receive your first batch of samples in the lab, you will be issued login credentials to access your “Client Page” on sclabs.com. Enter your login credentials on the sclabs.com homepage to be re-directed to your client home page. This will land you on your “Tested Samples” page. Here, you will see a list of all your tested samples. You have a few different options for viewing your results:

  • Simply hover over the sample name to get a pop-up box with an abbreviated reading of your results.
  • Click on the sample name to view a more detailed reading of your results. This will take you to a page where you may view the high-resolution image of your product, as well as graphs and charts showing you the Cannabinoid Ratios present in your sample, the identification and quantification of your Terpenes, and a breakdown of results for any other tests you may have ordered on this particular sample.
  • From your “Client Home Page,” where you see your list of tested samples, locate the column reading “Tools,” along the top of the page. Next to the sample that you would like to view, click the arrow next to the word “select.” This will give you a drop-down menu of all the different features and / or tools we provide you when you sign up for your account. Select “COA” from this drop-down menu. Now you are downloading a PDF of your results to your computer. You may now save or open this PDF to view your results, share these results with your associates via email or even print out this PDF to keep on hand. This “tools” section is also where you will find your labels, strain cards, QR code labels and more. Your customer service representative will walk you through all of these tools and features after you sign up for an account.

If you get an “access denied” error, check that your “caps lock” is not on, as your user name and password are case-sensitive. If you’re still having trouble, check to see that you are all up to date with your billing. Sometimes our system will automatically block users if they have an open invoice with us. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please don’t hesitate to give your customer service representative a call and they will find out what’s going on and make sure they get you back into your account.
You want to become familiar with your client page on sclabs.com because this is where you are building your portfolio and customizing your identity to the thousands of consumers who visit our website daily. This page is fully customizable and allows you to embed your logo, social media, and other profile information into the unique marketing materials we provide to you. The best way to understand how to navigate your client page is to jump on a call with your customer service representative. They will walk you through all the different features and make sure you know how to take full advantage of this special aspect of our service.
If you are already an SC Labs client, you can easily schedule a pick-up by calling our customer service department and a representative will set an appointment for pickup with one of our couriers. You will receive a phone call the day of the pick-up to confirm the time and location of pick-up. We cannot guarantee same day pick-ups, so be sure to call a couple days ahead of when you need your samples to be picked up.

Yes, you may mail samples to our Santa Cruz lab. There are very specific instructions for how to prep, package and send your samples in the mail.

Please carefully review our Packaging and Shipping Best Practices Form Here

From your client home page, where you see your list of tested samples, locate the column on the right that reads “tools.” Your samples automatically default to private. If you would like to make a particular sample public, click on the word “private” to change to “public.” Now, click on “profile” from the menu on the left of your screen. Under your profile page, there is a link which reads, “link to public profile page.” You can now copy that link and share via email with anyone who you would like to see your samples and results. Please note that changing a sample from private to “public” does not automatically sync your results to your WeedMaps. If you would like this newly public result displayed on WeedMaps, simply email postings@sclabs.com with the relevant information.
From your “Client Home Page,” where you see your list of tested samples, locate the column reading “Tools,” along the top of the page. Next to the sample for which you would like to print labels, click the arrow next to the word “select.” This will give you a drop-down menu of all the different features and / or tools we provide you when you sign up for your account. Select “labels” from this drop-down menu. Now you are downloading a PDF of labels for this sample. Open and save this PDF to your computer. You will want to purchase specific Avery labels from any office supply store, depending on what kind of printer you have. Look for Avery Label Template: 5160 for laser printers and Avery Label Template 8160 for Jet printers. You also have the option to print out just the QR scan-code associated with your individual samples. To do this, click the arrow next to “select” under the “tools” column on your “Tested Samples” page. This will give you a drop-down menu of all the different features and / or tools we provide you when you sign up for your account. Select “QR Code” from this drop-down menu. Now you are downloading a PDF of QR Codes for this particular sample. Open and save this PDF to your computer. To print your QR Codes, you will want to purchase “Avery Square Labels” Template 22805.
We encourage our clients to take advantage of our labels by placing them on their product. This allows your buyers to see the name/strain of your product, date tested, as well as percentages for total cannabinoids. Labels also feature the SC Labs seal, as well as a QR scan-code unique to your sample which allows people to scan your product and be immediately directed to that sample’s result page on sclabs.com. Simply place one of these labels on the outside of your packaging for each product you are selling. You also have the option of printing out just a QR Scan code for your products.
Any one of our SC Labs customer service representatives is happy to help you understand your results. Feel free to call us at the lab and we will make sure someone is available to help you interpret your results.

The Science of Cannabis: Your Crash Course

SC Labs tests for known pesticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators used in cannabis cultivation. We developed our pesticide panel not only with the health and safety of consumers in mind but also as an effort to help our clients prepare for and adapt to forthcoming state regulations. Some of the more commonly-used pesticides which are included on our panel are:

Acequinocyl; Consumer product names: Shuttle, Pestanal, Mite-B-Gone.
Pyrethrium: Consumer product names: Evergreen, Riptide.
Spirotetramat: Consumer product names: Movento, Kontos.
Paclobutrazol (PBZ): Consumer product names: Bushmaster, Gravity, Mega Bud, Phosphoload, Bush Load.
Spinosad: Consumer product names: Conserve SC.
Imidacloprid: Consumer product names: Dominion, Maxforce, Merit.
Bifenazate: Consumer Product names: Floramite, Acramite.
Daminozide: Consumer product names: Flower Dragon, Phosphoload.
Fenoxycarb: Consumer product names: Attain, Comply.
Spiromesifen: Consumer product names: Forbid 4f.
Abamectin: Consumer product names: Avid, Advance, Avert
Myclobutanil: Consumer product names: Eagle 20, Immunox

View a More In-Depth look at the Pesticides on Our Panel Here

A reporting limit is the smallest concentration of an analyte that is reported. Any concentration found in a sample below the established reporting limit is displayed in all reporting formats as ND. (not detected.) Active components are present in more retail products than the ones listed here. Always read the ingredients carefully and consult with your account manager if you are unsure whether a product contains unsafe pesticides.

As of June 2017, the State of California has proposed new regulations for pesticide use on cannabis cultivation.

To view a breakdown of SC Lab’s current pesticide reporting limits and the State of California’s proposed reporting limits for pesticides, click here.

Please note that in addition to the 12 chemicals listed here, the state of California is proposing an additional 56 chemicals be added to the list of banned pesticides, each with specific actionable amounts. To view the full text of proposed regulations from the Bureau of Marijuana Control visit: http://bmcr.ca.gov/laws_regs/mcrsa_lab_ptor.pdf

As of June 2017, the State of California has proposed safety testing action limits on residual solvents and processing chemicals as well as microbiological impurities.

View a comprehensive breakdown of the State of California’s proposed action limits for residual solvents and microbiological impurities here.

To view the full text of proposed regulations from the Bureau of Marijuana Control visit: http://bmcr.ca.gov/laws_regs/mcrsa_lab_ptor.pdf

All Things “WeedMaps”

The best way to have something posted to your weedmaps.com menu is to email postings@sclabs.com. Sending your request to this email ensures that your message goes out to our entire Customer Service team, making this the fastest and most efficient way for our team to complete your request. This also allows us to have all the information we need in one place, so we don’t encounter any hiccups along the way.

Please include the following in your message to postings@sclabs.com:

  • All WeedMaps ID Numbers including the Master WeedMaps ID (even if this page is not published.)
  • The SCL sample ID numbers of the samples you would like posted. Please also include the sample names which correspond to the SCL sample ID numbers. Keep in mind, the sample name that you write on your Sample Submission Form (SSF) will be the sample name that appears for all postings. If the name in our system does not match exactly with your weedmaps.com menu listing, the results will not attach properly and will generate a new item without pricing or image. You can edit these new items on your backend to add pricing. If you have two items on your menu with the same name but different sample types, (ie., Blue Dream-flower, and Blue Dream-wax), the system does not differentiate and the results may attach improperly. Please make sure to create distinct names for each product.

If you are a vendor and you would like to post your results to someone else’s weedmaps.com menu, we need the weedmaps.com ID Number for the page you would like the results to sync to, as well as the SC Labs sample ID numbers you’d like to have posted. Please include your organization / business name as well as the name of the collective / dispensary that is carrying your product in your message to postings@sclabs.com 
Your results will be viewable for 30 days on weedmaps.com from the date they are posted.  If the results that you are looking to publish are more than 60 days old, please contact customer service directly to discuss postings restrictions. We do not post results from tests performed more than 60 days prior. 

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