PhytoFacts® Chemometric Reports

Visual insights for chemometric strain characterization

Better insight into the cannabis and hemp products you deliver to market.

The supply chain seems fairly straightforward as you’re simply getting a cannabis or hemp plant to market. However, cultivators, processors, retailers, and consumers could benefit from greater standardization when evaluating product quality and distinguishing label claims. Data-driven decisions based on chemometric profiles including terpenoid data can help.

Chemometric data insights on an exclusive reporting platform

PhytoFacts Chemometric Reporting

PhytoFacts® represents one of the most significant advancements seen in cannabis and hemp testing and result reporting. Along with an advanced client service portal and integrated certificate of analysis (COA) reports, we now offer an innovative terpenoid and cannabinoid reporting solution.

PhytoFacts reports are designed to provide intuitive data visualizations and insights for the chemometric characterization. They display a complete chemical profile for flowers and concentrates, and incorporate the PhytoPrint®, an advanced terpenoid visualization.

Identify flavors, aromas, and effects with better accuracy

The system allows you to accurately sort unknown samples into major chemometric families, each with several subcategories that highlight similar organoleptic and physiological properties.

Addresses trends in evaluating strains via terpenoid data

  • Meets growing demand to better evaluate cannabis—breaking away from a THC potency race or the indica and sativa conversation
  • Terpenoid data offers valuable insights to shape products—helping predict a wide range of flavors, aromas, and effects
  • Identifies chemical profile, proportion of terpenoids to cannabinoids, organoleptic attributes, and potential entourage effects
  • Helps identify aged, immature, or sub-standard cannabis as well as flag unique outliers
  • Uses a standard cannabinoid and terpenoid test panel—offering definitive results
SC Labs PhytoFacts Charts
Chemical Profile

Chemical Profile

Offers intuitive data visualizations and insights for the chemometric characterization of cannabis and hemp.

Actionable Data

Actionable Data

Terpenoid and cannabinoid data allow you to make informed and actionable decisions.

Marketing Tool

Marketing Tool

Marketing and education materials available to streamline manufacturing, labeling, and retail access.

Innovation Tool

Innovation Tool

PhytoFacts can be a key component to support R&D capabilities and drive product innovation.

Breeding Tool

Breeding Tool

An advanced tool that breeders, cultivators, and brands can use to drive breeding decisions.

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