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Chris Casacchia, MJBizDaily.

California regulators have begun a new push to standardize cannabis testing with the aim of eliminating inconsistencies among the state’s 41 operational marijuana labs.

Advocates say the effort – mandated by a new state law – will improve quality and reliability while discouraging lab shopping and other practices that produce bogus test results.

On patential drawbacks inhibiting competition/innovation:

Oftentimes we have to adapt our test to meet the needs of a changing market. When delta-8 hit the market, we quickly added it to our cannabinoids panel…Mandating a reference method would stifle that innovation, which is fostered through competition in a free market.

Josh Wurzer, Co-Founder and President, SC Labs

Industry officials across the country, for example, allege that some marijuana businesses – think growers, processors, manufacturers or distributors – shop for labs that will give them the results they want to see in the way of THC potency and…