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Joan Oleck, Forbes.

If life is like a box of chocolates, then maybe we should all rethink that gift box of chocolate cannabis edibles this holiday season. Alec Dixon, whose company SC Labs tests cannabis and CBD for heavy metals, among other things, warns that mixing cannabis with chocolate might mean mixing cannabis with cadmium.

That scenario is scary because the heavy metal, even at low exposure levels, is toxic to the kidneys and to human life. What’s key here is that cadmium is often found in cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, which of course is central to so many holiday goodies, cannabis and otherwise.

Stuff you can readily buy over the counter – most things aren’t tested the way cannabis is tested.

Alec Dixon, Co-Founder and Director of Client Relations, SC Labs

Not that that fact is any surprise to the chocolate industry. “It’s been kind of, in the cacao market, a known issue for quite some time,” says Dixon, who is Santa Cruz-based SC Labs’ cofounder and director of client relations…