October 19, 2020 SC Labs

The Paper Chase

Brian Beckley, Marijuana Venture.

Producers and processors may be used to keeping an eye on their inputs to ensure their products are safe from pesticides and heavy metals, but they may have to begin worrying about something they hadn’t considered before: rolling papers.

A new study out of SC Labs in California found that 11% of the rolling papers analyzed had pesticides or heavy metals above actionable limits in California, which would have caused many products to fail batch testing. And in blunt wraps and cellulose-based papers, the failure rates were even higher.

When we tested the pre-rolls made with that rolling paper, there was enough of it to fail the whole pre-roll batch. That definitely concerned us.

Josh Wurzer, Co-Founder and President, SC Labs

According to Wurzer, several of his clients received testing failures on batches of pre-rolls in which the cannabis itself had passed testing, prompting the lab to look further into the issue and discovering…

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