July 24, 2020 SC Labs

SC Labs Report: Hemp-derived CBD Products Analyzed to California Cannabis Compliance Standard


SC Laboratories tested 17 samples purchased at unlicensed CBD shops or retailers in the Los Angeles area by the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA). The samples, all labeled as hemp or hemp-derived products, had the complete California regulatory compliant cannabis test panel performed on them. Over 70% of the samples failed either for excessive contamination or did not qualify as hemp. 42% of the samples failed the safety testing compared with approximately 1.5% of samples that fail for contaminants on the regulated market. Perhaps more concerning than the overall failure rate, is the level of contamination, which was several hundred times more than allowable limits in some cases. 53% of tested samples labeled as hemp or hemp-based did not qualify, by definition, as hemp. The 2018 Farm bill classifies hemp as cannabis that contains no more than 0.3% total THC. Furthermore, most of the tested products contained levels of THC sufficient to cause serious psychoactive effects which may be entirely unwanted by CBD users.

SC Labs Report: Hemp/CBD Products Analyzed to Cannabis Compliance Standard [PDF]

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