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Service Notification

Effective November 11, 2021

A New Standard

Results for all samples submitted to SC Labs’ California laboratory will now be delivered at a 3-day standard. We have optimized lab processes and instruments to support operating at faster high-throughput testing.

SC Labs assures our ability to deliver tests faster and at the same level of precision we are known for. For the last five months, we have established a lab standard of sub-3-day turnaround time for R&D and compliance at increased volumes, and at a 95% deliverability.

2-Day Rush

We have updated the Client Service Portal (CSP) sample submission options to include a new 2-day rush option. Our new turnaround times will be available for all qualifying tests*.

Excellent service and support are always our top priority. If there is anything that we can do to improve your service experience, please contact us at (866) 435-0709, or via email

*Some rush options are unavailable for certain microbiological contaminants, as certain organisms may require a plating test method. Standard turnaround for plating remains at 5 days.

SC Labs is broadly distributing this bulletin in order to bring to the attention of users of the affected SC Labs tests. SC Labs recommends that all users determine the applicability of this information to their individual situations and take appropriate action. SC Labs does not warrant that this information is necessarily accurate or complete. SC Labs shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.