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Q&A Interview, Ganjapreneur

Josh Wurzer is Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of SC Labs, a cannabis testing laboratory chain operating in California, Colorado, Michigan, and Oregon.

The state-to-state patchwork of cannabis industry regulations typically makes any multi-state cannabis operation exceedingly complicated, and the same can be said for important auxiliary services such as lab testing.

We recently connected with Josh Wurzer, the co-founder and COO of SC Labs — a cannabis and hemp testing lab operating in California, Colorado, Michigan, and Oregon — to discuss expanding markets, lab protocols, and tips for finding a reputable lab testing partner.

I was the lab director at Steep Hill lab, which was the first commercial cannabis testing lab in the world. At the time, Steep Hill was run by cannabis activists without any laboratory background. I really liked the idea behind Steep Hill but thought there was an opportunity to build a cannabis lab that looked more like the commercial laboratories I was familiar with, while staying firmly rooted in the cannabis movement.

Josh Wurzer, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, SC Labs

This Q&A also covers the founding of SC Labs, the company’s future as it transitions to new leadership, and more!

Ganjapreneur: What inspired you and co-founders Jeff Gray and Alec Dixon to found SC Labs?