October 1, 2021 SC Labs

Hemp Testing Change Notice

Service Notification

Effective October 4, 2021

Changes to Pass/Fail result reporting and improved features to choose from multiple action limit options.

Pass/Fail Result Reporting

For tests that include an action limit, a Pass or Fail indication will now appear on result reports.

  • The previously used term “Detected/Not Detected” will be replaced with “Pass/Fail”. The Pass/Fail results will be determined by comparing detection amounts to a specified action limit. For analytes without an action limit, analysis results will be shown without a Pass/Fail indication.
  • This change helps resolve result interpretation confusion when an analyte was detected/quantified but did not exceed an action limit, or if an analyte did not have an established action limit.

Action Limit Options

New Sample Submission Feature

  • In combination with revised Pass/Fail indications, the Client Service Portal (CSP) will now allow clients to choose from multiple action limit options that are most relevant for their product type and market.
  • Based on the test(s) requested, up to three action limit choices will be presented. The new options allow clients to meet or exceed various state testing requirements or quality test standards.

Screenshot | SC Labs CSP Hemp Action Limit Options

Screenshot | Client Service Portal to allow users to select from up to 3 action limit choices.

What to Expect

  • Determine applicability of the result reporting change and the new action limit options in the Client Service Portal.
  • Review and update pertinent quality specifications to reflect these changes.
  • Contact your SC Labs sales representative if you have questions or need assistance implementing the considerations in this notice.

Also Coming in October

  • Trace THC Testing
  • Shelf Life Testing
  • Expanded Metals/Trace Element Testing

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