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After listening to feedback from our valuable customers, we’re excited to announce a new enhancement to the Client Service Portal (CSP). Available August 22, 2023, CSP users can access multiple SC Labs client profiles within the portal with a single login. Whether you’re a white label company or have multiple sub brands, this powerful new feature allows you to easily manage testing for all your profiles.

What’s new?

Choose your desired CSP profile

Upon logging into the CSP, users with access to two or more profiles will see a new screen with all associated profiles. The user can then choose the desired profile to be taken to the dashboard.

CSP: Choose Profile (desktop)
CSP: Choose Profile (mobile)

Toggle between CSP profiles

Changing from one profile to another is a breeze.

On desktop, simply click the Switch Profile link in the top left of the screen, directly underneath your profile information and above the left-hand navigation link.

On mobile, activate the slideout menu by selecting the menu icon in the top left, then click the Switch Profile link mentioned above.

CSP: Toggle Profile (desktop)
CSP: Toggle Profile (mobile)

Add/remove an existing CSP user to your account

Admin Users: CSP users with Admin privileges can add, edit and remove users from their company’s account. With this new enhancement, Admin users will still be able to add and remove multi-profile users, but they will not be able to edit those users’ usernames, email addresses, or passwords. This limitation is in place to avoid login difficulties between profiles.

CSP: Admin Users Update (desktop)
CSP: Admin Users Update (mobile)

Regular Users: Non-admin users can still modify their own password; however, they cannot edit their username or email address. We remind you that any changes to login information will be reflected across all accessible profiles.

CSP: Normal Users Update (desktop)
CSP: Normal Users Update (mobile)


For questions or assistance regarding the information in this bulletin, contact your SC Labs Support Representative. Excellent service and support are always our top priority. If there is anything that we can do to improve your service experience, please contact us today.