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Carrie Pallardy, New Cannabis Ventures.

Exclusive Interview with SC Labs Founder and CEO Jeff Gray

Many cannabis companies see their interaction with a testing lab as a necessary step on the way to selling products in the retail space, but SC Labs strives to create a more meaningful relationship with its customers. Founder and CEO Jeff Gray spoke with New Cannabis Ventures about how his company tries to create a collaborative relationship with clients, SC Labs’ competitive position and the importance of diversity in the cannabis space. The audio of the entire conversation is available at the end of this written summary.

Four Founding Partners

Gray has spent years in the cannabis business. When his partners introduced him to the lab environment, he began to learn much more about the science of cannabis. Gray stepped up to raise money and run the business.

We built a company that we want to see. We built a company that we want to be proud of, that we want our children to be proud of, that we want our community to be proud of.

Jeff Gray, Co-Founder and CEO, SC Labs

Co-Founder Josh Wurzer, now president of the company, is a chemist by training and has a true passion for understanding cannabis and unlocking more opportunities in the plant. Co-Founder Alec Dixon, now Director of Client Relations, learned much about the industry working in the hydroponics industry. Ian Rice is the only one of the original four founders to move on; he now works with sister company Envirocann.

From those four founders, the company has grown to employ approximately…