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By Mitchell Colbert, Leafly.

We’ve already seen all sorts of cannabis businesses join the effort to combat COVID-19, but recently cannabis labs have also joined in to lend their scientific expertise. In Canada, several cannabis labs have answered the call of Health Canada and will assist with COVID-19 testing.

The question now is, to what extent can American labs assist, given that cannabis is still federally illegal in the United States?

Cannabis is essential for so many people. We want to help but also need to support the industry. It is critical that we protect patients’ access to medical cannabis.

JEFF GRAY, Co-Founder and CEO, SC Labs

Help from a cannabis biodiagnostics company

Facible is an Idaho-based biodiagnostics company who, over the past year, has developed a novel way to test for CBD and THC. They had hoped to roll out a farm-side test sometime soon, so hemp farmers could test for new quality plants, but then COVID-19 hit and threw a wrench…