January 4, 2022 SC Labs

Cannabis Industry Leaders Predict 2022 Trends

Cara Wietstock, Ganjapreneur.

The rapidly developing cannabis industry is still in its formative years, and where we seek advice as we grow will dictate the foundational qualities of the cannabis space.

Since we just entered a new calendar year, I asked some industry leaders who I trust to move the space forward in a people-focused direction for their insights.

Their answers and shared wisdom are compiled below:

I see a lot of change in the regulation of hemp and hemp products in the coming year. While I don’t expect to see any progress at the federal level, I do see the need for parity between cannabis and hemp markets at the state level driving more equitable regulation including and especially testing requirements on parity with cannabis and tax treatment, especially true in California.

Jeff Gray, Co-Founder and CEO, SC Labs


The People’s Ecosystem // Christine De La Rosa Co-Founder & CEO “If California and Oregon are any indications of the future of retail where mass mob robberies are happening with very little intervention or protection from the state I would say that 2022 is going to see an incredible increase in delivery. It is more practical for …

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