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The Cannabis Exhibition at this year’s California State Fair is another big step in the plant’s path to acceptance.

Nikki Lastreto, Cannabis Now

Pinch me, please! This was the second year of the Cannabis Exhibition at the California State Fair at Cal Expo in Sacramento, and I still have a hard time believing it really happened.

Swami and I were honored once again to be ambassadors for this very special event, along with 18 others from various sectors of the industry. The fair lasted 17 days, and each of the three weekends was packed with special cannabis events (although no cannabis was actually allowed on site). While cannabis remains classified as a “product” as opposed to a “crop” (go figure), it seems appropriate that it should be at the fair, alongside wine, vegetables and fruits. Oh, and the funnel cakes and corn dogs, too.

Since the fair is all about education, we wanted to keep the awards based on science at this point, as opposed to people actually smoking it to judge. It’s time for cannabis to join other commodities and shine.

James Leitz, CEO/Founder, Cultivar Brands, Inc.

The Cannabis Exhibition is all about educating the canna-curious and awarding the canna-cultivators. According to event producer James Leitz of Cultivar Brands, there were 250 entries into the competition this year, and 63 winners were awarded in the heart-warming ceremony held the first weekend. Many of the farmers were on site to …