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The updated testing requirements for cannabis flower and non-infused prerolls—from the California DCC—are almost here.

Effective Jan 1, 2024, all flower and non-infused cannabis preroll product compliance samples must be tested for cannabinoids according to the new DCC-mandated testing method. Any compliance samples not tested using this new method, or tested by a lab that has not been approved to run the method, will be considered non-compliant and results will not be accepted, per the DCC. Labs must complete a verification and receive approval from the DCC before offering this test.

SC Labs has received approval to run this method and will begin running this method, as required, Jan 1, 2024. Clients should not expect a recognizable difference in results. If you are testing some of your product at other labs, it is best to ensure that that lab has received documented approval of the state-mandated method. No allowances or extensions are being given by the state. As of today’s date, less than half of the labs in the state have been approved.

All results for flowers and non-infused prerolls tested for cannabinoids by other methods before Jan 1, 2024, are still considered valid.

What changes should I expect?

In our ongoing commitment to transparency, we want to inform you of an adjustment in the pricing for the new regulated potency tests to accommodate the additional steps in testing. Starting Jan. 1, all flower and non-infused prerolls will incur a $50 surcharge for R&D and compliance potency. This change is necessary to cover additional expenses incurred by the lab while ensuring that we maintain the highest standards in testing services. We understand the importance of keeping costs reasonable for our valued clients and have worked diligently to minimize the increase to alleviate undue pressure.

Additionally, please note the new DCC-mandated method includes 9 cannabinoids. We are actively working with the DCC to bring that number back up to the 15 cannabinoids you’ve grown to expect, and we’re optimistic that we’ll be approved to report them on your compliance COAs soon.

We appreciate your understanding and continued partnership.

At SC Labs, we remain committed to providing you with the highest standard of testing services and ensuring that your products comply with the latest regulatory standards. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer support team.

Thank you for choosing SC Labs as your trusted testing provider.