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Danielle Masterson,

Months ago, many may not have even been aware of the existence of this cannabis compound. Today, Delta-8 is the fastest-growing category of hemp products, with US sales of products listing Delta-8 jumping 144% from a year earlier, according to cannabis data provider Headset.

Despite having a similar chemical structure to the federally-banned Delta-9 THC, naturally occurring Delta-8 THC is not considered a controlled substance—and many see this compound as a loophole to bypass US laws.

…what we’re being given isn’t the the concentrated form of what’s naturally occurring in the plant, what we’re getting is being manufactured from CBD through use of chemicals and solvents such that you’re actually doing chemistry and manufacturing this product

Jeff Gray, Co-Founder and CEO, SC Labs

“Delta-8 has exploded onto the scene in recent months, as manufacturers and brand owners have looked for ways to utilize and sell their amassed hemp biomass in a difficult market, due to federal regulatory uncertainty concerning CBD,” explained Marielle Weintraub, president of…