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Travis Cesarone, Cannabis Life Network.

It’s high time to smoke out the old Indica and Sativa descriptions at cannabis cups. Consumers deserve to know more about the plant than the structure it took on in life. With research now showing how much terpenes drive cannabis sales and quality, the Emerald Cup took a chance to replace Indica and Sativa.

…a strict focus on THC threatens to drive the craft cannabis market into extinction. For this reason, the cup must change to save exotic cannabis profiles, Jack Herer’s legacy, landraces, and many other qualities that become lost within cannabis’s full spectrum.

Terpenes to Save Cannabis’s Heritage

The Emerald Cup is an annual cannabis competition held in California. Currently, the focus is still acute on THC percentage, ignoring the depth of quality in a full spectrum. Indica and Sativa still fail to properly describe the complexity of a plant, and so, the old classification has been updated with 6 new terpene profiles…