Leafly Visualization System

Leafly™ Visual Language

Leafly created the Leafly Cannabis Guide to highlight how terpenes and cannabinoids play a key role in differentiating flavors and the effects of various strains. This system classifies terpenes along a spectrum from promoting relaxation and stress-relief to focus and acuity.

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How SC Labs test data supports Leafly’s visual language system

The Leafly Cannabis Guide utilizes years of SC Labs (California) data to classify cannabis strains into groups by their cannabinoid and terpenoid composition. This guide uses an easy-to-understand visual language built with shapes and color—allowing consumers to tailor their cannabis experience.

Leafly Certified Labs Program

SC Labs is a founding member in the Leafly Certified Lab Program, which is committed to providing accurate and trustworthy product data and creating a data-driven view of cannabis that empowers consumers, brands and retailers. As a preferred lab partner to Leafly, your test results easily integrate with Leafly’s chemometric strain visualization tool.

“It is among our core values to provide reliable and transparent data so that the cannabis supply-chain can make more deliberate and informed choices from safe and consistent products—a philosophy that aligns perfectly with our partnership with Leafly. Leafly has done an amazing job to take this a step further by interpreting that data with a visual language that advances our perception of quality, flavor, and effect. Our shared effort marks a significant milestone in the way consumers will evaluate cannabis.”

– Jeff Gray, SC Labs Co-Founder and CEO

SC Labs Leafly partnership

SC Labs

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