Data Visualization and Reporting

Shifting the Paradigm in Reporting

Making data actionable has been a primary focus for SC Labs since the beginning. Both through in-house data analysis projects and through partnerships with third parties, we have a variety of tools to help you make the most of your chemometric data. Along with our own advanced reporting options, we also support innovative solutions via the PhytoFacts® and Leafly data visualization reports.

SC Labs has spent the last several years researching the world’s largest chemometric data set to help define and develop our proprietary classification algorithm. Meanwhile, similar research was being conducted by both Leafly and the BHC Group. The consistency between these three systems lies within the agreements in the substantial bodies of research. Three different sets of research, all with similar conclusions, to different end points. SC Labs’ research continues, but we are excited to offer two cutting edge visualizations from our partners.

Data visualization solutions designed to help retailers and consumers clarify decisions about strain and organoleptic properties.


A standard cannabinoid and terpenoid test will generate an associated PhytoFacts report. The integrated PhytoFacts solution enables patients, consumers, and those in the supply chain to predict a broad range of flavors, aromas, and effects from laboratory analysis reports.

This easy-to-understand report characterizes the chemical profile of flower and concentrate through intuitive data visualizations. These visualizations in turn identify the chemical profile, dominant and proportional cannabinoids and terpenoids, organolepetic attributes, and potential entourage effects of the cultivar tested.

PhytoFacts allows you to accurately sort unknown samples into major chemometric families and subcategories that highlight similar organoleptic and physiological properties. It helps identify aged, immature, or sub-standard cannabis while also flagging unique outliers.

PhytoFacts Chemometric Report


Leafly’s system highlights how terpenes and cannabinoids play a key role in differentiating flavors and the effects of various strains. Leafly classifies terpenes that promote relaxation and stress-relief, or others that promote focus and acuity.

SC Labs is a founding member in the Leafly Certified Lab Program, which is committed to providing accurate and trustworthy product data and creating a data-driven view of cannabis that empowers consumers, brands and retailers. As a preferred lab partner to Leafly, your test results easily integrate with Leafly’s chemometric strain visualization tool.

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Cherry Pie Flower (Leafly)

How do these visualization systems compare?


  • Each considers the indica/sativa classification systems as incomplete.
  • Both Leafly and PhytoFacts focus on cannabinoid and terpenoid data to present visualization systems.
  • Both based their systems on the research data that SC Labs provided them.
  • Each use color-coded systems and iconography to indicate dominant terpene(s), strength and intensity, aroma, flavor, and effects.

PhytoFacts and PhytoPrint are registered trademarks of Napro Research, LLC. READ MORE »


  • Leafly’s system helps clarify strain information, and helps consumers search for products (Flower Finder).
  • PhytoFacts is best for clients that will use laboratory analysis to better evaluate, classify, and refine their flower and concentrates.

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