Detailed Instructions on how to Fill Out a Sample Submission Form

Let’s walk through the different fields of the Sample Submission Form, moving left to right across the page, starting from the top of the document:

Under “Organization Name,” please write the name of your company or organization. You chose your organization name when you opened your account with SC Labs. Under “Submitter Name” you will write your first and last name. Then, you’ll fill out the boxes for the date and time you are dropping off your samples, or shipping them to us. Please circle whether your submission is a walk-in, delivery (shipped samples) or pick-up.

Your SCL client ID is issued to you when we receive your first batch of samples. If this is your first time testing with us, you do not have a SCL Client ID number yet. If you have tested with us previously but do not know your client ID number, don’t worry about it. We will look it up for you and write it on your form before we bring your samples back to be logged. Please make sure you enter your current email address and phone number in the next two fields. The box that says “SCL Rep,” should be the name of your SCL account manager. If you do not know your account manager’s name, just leave this field blank and we will fill it in for you.

Now you’re ready to begin listing your samples under “Sample Name,” in the column along the left of the form. Beginning with number 1, you’ll write the name of the sample. This may be the strain name, like “Blue Dream,” or it could be a code or name made up by you. What you choose to call your samples is completely up to you, just be aware that whatever you write in the field under “sample name,” is what will appear on your Certificate of Analysis and on your results page on

Next you will see a box entitled, “Customer Sample Reference.” This is an optional field. You may choose to write something like a batch number or other reference code there, or you may leave this field blank. Under “Sample Type,”, you will place an “x” in one of the three fields indicating whether your sample material is a flower, a concentrate, or an infused product. A concentrate is pure extracted cannabis, without any other material present. If your product has other material in it, like vapor e-juice or coconut oil, alcohol, essential oils, etc., it is considered an infused product. The next field reads: “Sample Subtype (optional).” This is an optional field used for your reference only. You may choose to write something like “wax,” “shatter,” or “indica,” “sativa,” in this field. You may also leave this field empty. Next, under the box that reads “potency,” you will want to select %, mg/g or mg/ml to indicate how you would like your cannabinoid profiling results reported. Most clients like to see their potency results as a percentage, but this is totoally up to you. Mg/g is ideal for solid infused products like cookies, brownies or other edibles. If you are submitting liquid infused products like tinctures, you will want to select Mg/g. Next, please indicate what tests you are ordering on this particular sample under the space listed “Test Type,” keep in mind each space that you mark with an “x” counts as a separate test. So if you select potency, terpene, pesticide, & microbial on your flower sample, you are ordering 4 tests on that particular sample. If you are submitting a flower, there are four tests we can run: Potency, Terpene, Pesticide, and Microbial. If you are submitting a concentrate, there are a total of 5 tests we can run: Potency, Terpene, Residual Solvents (RST,) Pesticide and Microbial. If you are submitting an infused product, there are 3 tests we can run on your product. Potency, Pesticide and Microbial.

** Please note we cannot run Terpenes or residual solvents on infused products, as this would damage our instruments. If you’d like to get a terpene analysis and RST test on your raw material or concentrate, please submit it as a separate sample **

The next field reading “Infused Product Package Mass or Volume,” is an optional field for infused product vendors. If you make liquid or solid edibles and you know the total mass or volume of your final product, you may write it in this field. This will allow our lab techs to enter this mass or volume weight in our system and do the conversions for you so you know the potency of your final product.

Finally, you will want to indicate whether you want these results to be public or private on If you’d like other people to be able to see and access your test results on our website, place an “x” in the box under “public display.” Checking the “Public” box will also indicate to our team that you would like these results to be pushed through to your page as soon as they are available. If you’d like your results to remain private, leave the space blank.

Repeat these steps for each sample you list on your Sample Submission Form.

Lastly, please be sure to sign the bottom of your form in the space next to “Client Signature.”

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