Terpene Classification

Based on similarities in their terpene profiles, we’ve grouped cannabis strains into 6 classes.

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Chemometric Reports

Coming standard anytime you include terpene testing with your cannabinoid test order, these reports help you identify flavors, aromas, and effects with better accuracy.

Certificate of Analysis

Our easy-to-read COAs provide clear, detailed information—allowing you to make better, faster decisions about product quality and consistency. Viewing the results in our portal provide even more detail and insight.

Expand your reach

Providing greater value for multi-state cannabis operators.

SC Labs USA Cannabis Map
Current Cannabis Labs

California, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon

2023 Planned Cannabis Labs

Arizona, New York

BOGO Offer

Use promo code EmeraldCup2022 for the next 30 days to receive free potency/terpene test (some exclusions based on operating state).

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