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Some liken the past decade of the cannabis movement to the Wild West. Though a passionate, vital community, there was no safety and quality testing regulations or requirements. Four activist entrepreneurs thought there should be a consistent way consumers could trust their cannabis and cultivators could improve their products. The idea: develop testing and certification standards that could be built into the cannabis production process, at scale.

In 2010, Jeff, Josh, Alec, and Ian opened SC (Science of Cannabis) Labs in Capitola, California and developed the industry’s first testing standards. These guidelines are now widely adopted by the cannabis community, regulators, governments, and many organizations. As our industry transforms, we’ll continue to support standards — helping clients meet new challenges, advocating for common sense regulation — and always keeping a strong connection to our cannabis roots.

Our Talented Team Is From Every Corner Of The Industry

With decades of combined experience, our staff of chemists, microbiologists,
and other scientists comprise the largest, most highly-trained in the industry.

Board of Directors

Jeff Vail

Chairman of the Board

Emad Georgy

Board Member

Amy McDonald

Board Member

Mike Branvold

Board Member

Our leadership team

Jeff Journey


Grant Gooder

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Gray

Chief Innovation Officer and Cofounder

Josh Wurzer

Chief Operating Officer and Cofounder

Brendon Firestone

Chief Commercial Officer

Alec Dixon

Executive VP, Client Relations and Cofounder

Richard Strong

Senior VP, IT and Digital Experience

Travis Ruthenburg

Senior VP, Research & Development

Lisa Stemmer

Senior Director, Marketing

Nina Vasquez

Director, Human Resources

Mackenzie Whitman

Lab Director, CA

Courtney Richards

Lab Director, CO

Brian Weigel

Lab Director, OR

Manik Gudimani

Lab Director, MI

SC Labs

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