Vitamin E Test Panel

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An Emerging Contaminant

As public health officials attempt to identify the cause of multiple respiratory deaths and illnesses, one chemical compound remains a potential concern—vitamin E acetate, also known as tocopheryl acetate. Reports from health investigators indicate vape cartridges with low-quality liquid formulations may be adulterated with cutting agents containing vitamin E acetate.

Vitamin E Testing

SC Labs has obtained various cutting agents popular with black market producers and confirmed that vitamin E acetate is a major component of several of these products—most of which have recently entered the market. The Vitamin E Test Panel can provide clarity and guidance for clients concerned about this potentially threatening cutting agent.

Now and in the future, as new impurities are identified and regulations emerge, our programs evolve and are uniquely positioned to offer a safer supply chain. At SC Labs, we offer the science of cannabis.

For information and pricing regarding the Vitamin E Test Panel, please complete this form. Your questions and comments will be responded to in a timely fashion. Please note that hemp derived products can be accepted to SC Labs. However, SC Labs can only accept cannabis derived samples in California and Oregon.

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