Pesticide Testing

Advancing cannabis and hemp/CBD product safety


Expansive and customizable pesticide tests designed to meet evolving requirements.

At SC Labs, we believe that cannabis and hemp providers should be able to evaluate a wide range of pesticides and make informed decisions that can help them safeguard their products and their consumers. Our test solutions can detect trace amounts of chemical pesticides in a range of cannabis and hemp/CBD product types (flowers, finished products, biomass, liquids, solids, material inputs, and more).

Features and Benefits

Pesticide Testing Solution

Our test solutions include tiered panel options to target a range of pesticides and address state compliance rules. SC Labs’ newest Comprehensive Test Panel detects up to 105 pesticide analytes (ISO 17025 accredited) and is an ideal solution for quality assurance analysis or to address multiple state testing rules for hemp.

SC Labs utilizes high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to identify and quantify trace pesticide, fungicide, and plant growth regulator (PGR) residues.

Contact your SC Labs account manager to customize a test panel that meets your needs. Contact us online or call 866-435-0709.

Pesticide Testing

Customize your lab test solution.

California’s “Dirty Dozen” Pesticides

SC Labs data identifies the top 12 pesticides that failed California regulated cannabis compliance testing in 2020. [Click to enlarge]

California's Dirty Dozen Pesticides - Pesticide Testing and Analysis

NEW: Add-on test ideal for preliminary screening of pesticides in biomass

Microextraction for pesticides

Trace amounts of residual pesticides can quickly exceed harmful levels when flower biomass is processed into concentrates and/or extracts. Cannabis microextraction testing can help mimic traditional manufacturing processes and offer early insight into potential contamination of a final product. SC Labs offers a microextraction process that can be applied to biomass for pesticide analysis. With the SC Labs Microextraction Test, clients can better evaluate pesticide risk and determine if raw material should be purchased and processed.

Cannabis and Hemp Concentrate Testing

NEW: Evaluate pesticide risk in cannabis biomass with microextraction testing. Learn more.

Technical Services and Support

Advanced data tools and support teams

Decades of cannabis and hemp science experience bring together the best and brightest scientific minds, leading-edge analytical technology, and unparalleled technical and client support. Our support teams can assist with reviewing test results for your products and formulations and help analyze or evaluate root causes should unexpected results occur.

Proactive data review, remediation strategy review, and root cause analysis on all failing results.

Support and review of results including trace hits or expected formulation results for your products.

Our test solutions allow you to mitigate risk, remain compliant, and keep your supply chain moving.

With proven analysis solutions and highly skilled personnel, we deliver insightful test data and valuable technical support. Our experience assisting large brands launch cannabis and hemp/CBD products gives us confidence our knowledge can be leveraged by you and your supply-chain partners.

All our testing options are designed to produce dependable, rapid results, consistent with established standards from the USP1, AHPA2, AHP3, AOAC4, DCC5, or ORELAP6.

Testing Many Types of Products

SC Labs can test a variety of product types—from cannabis and hemp biomass, flowers, and leaves to liquids, solids, or crystallized products.

Cannabis & hemp testing product types

Also Available: Raw Material / Input Testing

While traditional cannabis and hemp test programs help you maintain compliance and mitigate risk, raw material/inputs should also be verified as contaminant free.

SC Labs reveals that contaminants can be sourced to a range of food additives (chocolate), personal care ingredients (beeswax), or pre-rolled products (rolling papers — view report).

Insightful Pesticide Reports

Test results are just the beginning

Our goal is to help organizations streamline testing and harness data to meet their strategic goals. SC Labs offers an interactive, mobile-friendly customer portal to contextualize your results. The introduction of our Sample Detail Page highlights significant test results including even more concise data than the certificate of analysis (COA) report.

View Results

All your data in one convenient and secure location—access COA reports, download labels, or view your PhytoFacts chemometric profile data.

Data Insights

Gain access to insightful descriptions and useful explanations for pesticide results above or approaching an action limit.

Mobile Access

Check on your orders, sample results, and more on the go. Easily share. your results with others in the supply chain with the tap of your finger.

Notification Preferences

Customize who on your team gets notified during each step of the testing process—from order submission to the final results.

Client Service Portal - Sample Detail View

Client Service Portal: Offering data insight for failed tests and warning indicators for results near an action limit. Learn more.

Envirocann Podcast

Cleaner than Your Vegetables

SC Labs Co-founder and Client Relations Director, Alec Dixon discusses advancements in testing, lab certifications, and best practices in targeting contaminants.

Join Alec as he talks with Envirocann about his various roles at SC Labs including client engagement and data investigations for pesticide fails, considerations for integrated pest management, pesticide laden agricultural zones, soil testing and indoor cultivation challenges with bug bombs and HVACs, plus much more.

Cleaner than Your Vegetables Podcast featuring Alec Dixon
  1. United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  2. American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
  3. American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP)
  4. Association of Official Analytical Collaboration (AOAC)
  5. Department of Cannabis Control (DCC)
  6. Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP)

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