Field Sampling Service

Pair QA testing with reliable sample collections


Ensure biomass, flower, or distillate are ready for production.

Verifying that biomass, flower, or distillate is clean before purchasing can be a labor intensive procedure. The SC Labs Field Sampling solution can better help you address biomass evaluation. Following stringent internal procedures, our sampling team are ready to support your production and evaluation needs for clean and pesticide-free source material.

When scheduling your sample submission, simply indicate where you would like the sample collected and provide contact information for your 3rd party partner. We will collect a representative sample, secure and affix a tamper-evident “Sampled by SC Labs” to all container/bags, then bring the material directly back to the lab for testing.

Schedule your QA/QC or R&D sample via our client service portal

Indicate the location of where your sample is to be collected

We will pick up, secure your sample, and take it to our laboratory

Our solution offers efficient sampling coupled with a ground-breaking mobile app for fast and effective collections. SC Labs drivers and field samplers are trained to the highest safety standards.

Contact your SC Labs representative to pair field sampling services with your next cannabis tests for quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), or research and development (R&D).

Field Sampling Service

Customize a QA sampling program.

Why is sampling important?

  • Samples taken represent the harvest or production batch to be sold.
  • Representative samples serve as a basis for lab tests and certificate of analysis (COA) results reports.
  • Reports are used by supply-chain partners to evaluate quality and make purchase decisions.
  • Reports are used to make decisions about claims regarding potency, dosage, organoleptic attributes, safety, and more.

Sourcing Biomass and Flower

Seeking to accurately reflect batch attributes while avoiding contamination risks, our field sampling teams follow strict sampling guidelines and procedures. We pull a representative sample over 34 evenly distributed increments from the batch. Depending on the batch size, we will collect between 30 and 60 grams of material. If there are batch sizes above 200 lb, we will consult with you on the best representative sample size.

Up to 50 lb 30 g
50 lb to <200 lb 60 g

Sourcing Distillate

We ask that the sample be properly heated to allow for easy homogenization prior to our arrival. An SC Labs Field Sampler will pull a representative sample over 10 evenly distributed increments throughout the batch. We will collect 10 mL of sample material with single-use extraction syringes.

Flexible Sampling Procedure

Our experienced Field Samplers follow stringent laboratory and collection protocols. However, we also are able accommodate client-specific protocols that meet your needs.


Cost includes sample collection, and securing containers with tamper-evident seals. There is a 2-sample minimum to schedule a sampling event; otherwise, a $50 pickup fee will be applied.

Biomass / Flower $50 per sample 2 samples = $100
Distillate / Concentrate $75 per sample 2 samples = $150
cannabis field sampling service rep
SC Labs Field Sampling Rep with ipad

CLIENT SERVICE PORTAL: Complete test management

Sample submissions

At SC Labs, we want to make ordering services as easy as possible. We redesigned the sample submission process to make it easier and faster to view the list of services and place orders for testing. We have also added the ability to add turnaround time rushes to individual tests and packages for QA/QC. Finally, we have updated and enhanced the interface for our CSV file upload feature—for those with large orders.

Client Service Portal - Sample Detail View

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