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Helping you advance California cannabis quality and position you for success

SC Labs has been a leading provider of innovative cannabis testing technologies and methods since 2010. Licensed in California and Oregon, our solution helps clients ensure the safety and quality of their products. Our experienced team of scientists and representatives are here to help solve your complex concerns and provide valuable insight through all stages of the production process.

If you are interested in cannabis testing for California compliance, we are ready to fulfill those testing needs as well. Check out our California Compliance testing services.

Contact your SC Labs account manager to set up a QA/QC test solution. Call 866-435-0709.


The SC Labs Difference

  • Integrated Technology Platform
    Client Service Portal (CSP) is a proprietary mobile friendly data management platform. Our portal supports user-based permissions and notifications, anytime access to results and COAs, and the linking of R&D samples to compliance samples for an extra level of review. We also support data exchange solutions via API.
  • Streamlined Processes
    Same-day scheduling, 3-day standard turnaround, and both 1- and 2-day rush options.
  • Expansive Sampler/Courier Network
    Expertly trained samplers can come to you. Learn more.
  • Technical Services and Support
    Proactive data review, remediation strategy review and root cause analysis on all failing compliance results. Parallel review of all trace hits and expected formulation results on new and existing products.
SC Labs cannabis testing QAQC COA and mobile portal

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) or R&D Testing

Research and development (R&D)—or in-process tests—are intended for use by manufacturers and cultivators to improve their processes and products. We offer the same tests that are performed in the regulatory compliance panel in assorted packages and as a-la-carte options. Also, these tests do not require lab staff to perform the sampling. Since these tests are used for in-process purposes, the results are not reported to the State, and no disqualification of product is necessary.

Key facts about R&D testing

Our certificate of analysis (COA) for QA/QC R&D tests are not intended for, and do not portray, compliance with California state regulations. As such:

  • R&D testing may be requested by licensees, medical patient, or for personal use (21 years or older).
  • R&D sample collection is not required to be conducted by a licensed laboratory. However, we’re still happy to perform QA/QC field sampling services if desired.
  • R&D testing may be conducted to pre-screen for compliance testing as well as qualify raw materials before manufacturing products.
  • R&D results are not reported to state regulators.
cannabis testing flower and oil

Customizable options to fit your needs

We offer one of the nation’s most complete quality assurance test services available. Choose from bundled mock compliance panel options, or customize a panel from an expanded series of pesticides, residual solvents, and microbiological contaminants, and more.

For those clients in need of additional support or have a desire to have a more comprehensive understanding of potential contamination we offer a suite of assays that go above and beyond the requirements of California Compliance Cannabis.

Analytical Services

  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenoids
  • Pesticides
  • Mycotoxins
  • Residual Solvents / Processing Chemicals
  • Heavy Metals
  • Microbiological Contaminants
  • Foreign Material
  • Water Activity
  • Moisture Content

Specialty Test Services

  • Vitamin E
  • Trace THC
  • Shelf-Life
  • Environmental
cannabis testing isolate

Sampling Options

If you’re not located near our lab in Santa Cruz, no problem. We offer a vast courier network spanning across California, and we’ll work with you to find an efficient and cost-effective sampling solution.

LICENSED CLIENTS: Under current California regulations, all samples must either be collected from the licensed premises by a licensed lab sampler/courier, or be delivered to the licensed lab facility by an employee of the licensee.

UNLICENSED CLIENTS: We accept samples via certain third-party couriers from unlicensed and personal-use clients. Your account representative will help you find the most efficient method of getting your samples to
the lab.


  • Santa Cruz


  • Humboldt
  • Santa Rosa
  • Sacramento
  • Bay Area
  • Central Valley
  • Santa Barbara
  • Greater Los Angeles
  • Palm Springs
  • San Diego

Licensed R&D test process

  1. Collect a sample for the requested test
  2. Schedule a sample pickup at a licensed facility, or drop the sample off at one of our locations (10am-6pm)
  3. Upon pickup, our staff transfers the sample(s) to the lab same day it’s received
  4. Reports are published automatically to the Client Service Portal

Unlicensed R&D test process

  1. Collect a sample for the requested test
  2. Schedule a sample pickup, or drop the sample off at one of our locations (10am-6pm)
  3. Upon pickup, our staff transfers the sample(s) to the lab same day it’s received
  4. Reports are published automatically to the Client Service Portal


Confirm cannabis is ready for production with our field sampling solutions.

Verifying that biomass, flower, or distillate is clean before purchasing can be a labor intensive procedure. SC Labs can help with our quality assurance (QA) field sampling solution. Our internal procedures and sampling team are ready to support your production needs and evaluation of clean source material.

To take advantage of the SC Labs Field Sampling Service, contact your sales representative.

SC Labs Cannabis Field Sampling Rep

R&D sample minimum weight requirements

Providing quality samples and meeting minimum weight requirements is essential for effective laboratory analysis. Samples that lack enough material may not provide sufficient volume to conduct the test that was ordered.

Minimum sample weight requirements can differ depending on product type and our internal test preparation methods. While this table provides minimum weight requirements for individual tests, SC Labs can run multiple tests from the same sample mass depending on prep method. Please contact us for additional details.

  • CARTRIDGES: Due to difficulty removing the sample from a cartridge, we recommend submitting double the amounts typically required for a concentrate.
Individual Test Solid Liquid
Cannabinoids and/or Terpenoids (Infused) 10 g 10 mL
Cannabinoids and/or Terpenoids (Concentrate)* 1 g
Cannabinoids and/or Terpenoids (Flower / Fresh Leaf) 5 g
Cannabinoids (Pure Terpenes / Essential Oils) 3 g
Trace THC (Infused) 10 g 10 mL
Trace THC (Concentrate)* 5 g
Trace THC (Flower / Fresh Leaf) 5 g
Trace THC (Pure Terpenes / Essential Oils) 5 g
Terpenoids (Pure Terpenes / Essential Oils) 1 g
Pesticides | Comprehensive Test Panel – National Hemp* 2 g 3 mL
Pesticides | Standard Test Panel – California* 2 g 3 mL
Pesticides | Basic Test Panel* 2 g 3 mL
Pesticides | Micro Extraction Add-on (Flower / Trim) 10 g
Mycotoxins* 2 g 3 mL
Residual Solvents | Comprehensive Test Panel – National Hemp* 1 g 2 mL
Residual Solvents | Standard Test Panel – California* 1 g 2 mL
Heavy Metals* 2 g
Microbiology (Any individual test)* 2 g
Microbiology | Inhalable Test Panel – CA Compliance* 2 g
Microbiology | Non-Inhalable Test Panel – CA Compliance 2 g
Microbiology | Comprehensive Test Panel – National Hemp 8 g
Microbiology | Expanded Test Panel 6 g
Microbiology | Standard Test Panel 6 g
Water Activity 2 g
Moisture Content 4 g
Vitamin E (Concentrate)* 1 g

“It’s time that cannabis becomes a more data driven industry. Everyone claims they have the best quality products, but we’re using science and data to actually show what’s inside of those products.”

William Sump, CEO Bloom Network

SC Labs

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