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Jimi Devine, LA Weekly.

Cannabis Competitions ran on a pretty similar format for many years: get some hitters, let them pick the heat and maybe do a people’s choice award with less sound structure. But over the last decade, the team at SC Labs has helped add a bit of science to the equation.

What started with just generally making sure the judges weren’t smoking poison has evolved into a full-on quest to understand the plant’s chemical breakdown and how that interacts with our flavor palate and the rest of our bodies to determine preferences a lot deeper than a THC percentage. This year even saw The Emerald Cup move to categorize entries by terpene profile, to provide a bit more visual perspective across the group to the judges. But they’re still blind, just now in addition to a number, there is a colored dot, too.

I think the future is in flavor, aroma, effects…What is the range of the plant that you’re looking for? Are you looking for cerebral, energizing, focusing or creative? These are the strains that are like that. Because we all have different properties.

Alec Dixon, Co-Founder and Director of Client Relations, SC Labs

Another big win for science, The California State Fair’s first-ever cannabis contest will rely on science to pick its big winners.

One of the men that has been at the heart of making pot contests more science-friendly is SC Labs’ Cofounder Alec Dixon. He feels the push to further understand what makes cannabis…

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