Understand Your PhytoFacts® Chemometric Report

Making data actionable has been a primary focus for SC Labs since our founding in 2010. Years of SC Labs own chemometric classification research supports and validates the PhytoFacts® algorithm.

Advanced visualization reports are updated in real time and display a complete chemical profile of cannabis or hemp products. Take a closer look at our report below.

Have a look for yourself

Take a minute to explore the interactive graphic pictured here. Hover over the markers to learn what each section means and how it applies to the strains we test. While the following image shows results for flower, we also offer this report for concentrates.

Learn more about terpenoid testing and PhytoFacts

PhytoFacts Chemometric Report

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Cannabis & Terpenes: An Olfactory Odyssey

Presented by:
Josh Wurzer, SC Labs President and Co-founder
Alec Dixon, SC Labs Director of Client Relations and Co-founder

SC Labs

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