Deep industry roots, collaboration for progress

We’re proud to partner with industry leaders

SC Labs reflect its dedication to advance the industry through advising and participating in partnerships throughout the cannabis ecosystem — from medical marijuana patient collectives to government entities.

Many of our partnerships have evolved from Day One and have helped pioneer new models of innovation and thinking for common sense regulation. Investing time and resources helps the cannabis movement become more unified and stronger for the future.



Weedmaps is the original and most comprehensive cannabis directory in the world, covering North America, Europe, and Australia. Our partnership began in 2011 when our cannabis analytical testing results were posted with dispensary listings on the Weedmaps’ platform. Over the years, this collaboration has grown from cannabinoid data alone to include safety testing and terpenes data results.

Chalice Festival

Chalice Festival was born out of the dream to combine the best elements in festival and cannabis cultures into one epic experience. Partnered since 2014, SC Labs and Chalice Festival strive to promote respect for cultivators, extractors, and activists who work hard to create safer methods, spread knowledge and fine tune every detail to produce the best product.

Palm Springs City

The City of Palm Springs and SC Labs are the first government contract cannabis testing partnership in California. This program is a model of the cannabis industry and local government collaborating to promote common sense oversight. Our partnership began after a pilot program to test random test samples from the City’s licensed collective’s inventory.


The Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana is a patients and caregivers collective providing hope, building community, and offering medical marijuana on a donation basis. WAMM has been instrumental in the medical cannabis movement and was pivotal in the first U.S. Medical Cannabis voter referendum passage. SC Labs donates free testing to WAMM to show gratitude.

Gardening Unlimited

Gardening Unlimited Inc. and sister company, are together the largest hydroponic garden supplier nationwide that strive for the best pricing and innovative solutions. Santa Cruz Hydroponics, is a mainstay of our local hydroponics community where many cannabis growers purchase supplies and exchange knowledge. Additionally, SC Labs cofounder.

Emerald Cup

The Emerald Cup has supported SC Labs since its inception. The Cup embodies the deep connection we have to the Northern California grower culture. Our first tests were performed for the 2010 Cup, and we’ve been innovating with this organization ever since. The Cup was the first cannabis competition to institute terpene and pesticides testing, both which are now standard at other similar competitions.


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