Guides to Cannabis Testing in 2018

Currently, SC Labs is licensed to offer compliance and R&D cannabis testing services to medical and recreational operators in California and Oregon. Click the state below to review more about our services in either market:


Testing Request Form

Thank you for your interest in SC Laboratories testing services. Under 2018 regulations we are scheduling the flow of samples through our lab each day. This allows us to maintain a strict turn around time to get your product to market.

To be in compliance with the 2018 regulations SC Labs is only permitted to perform testing services to individuals, organizations, cooperatives, businesses, corporations, or other entities that are state licensed and clients that have a valid 2018 Medical Recommendation for cannabis use. We have an extensive FAQ page to answer common questions regarding testing in 2018. If you are interested in becoming a client with SC Labs for regulated compliance testing or R&D testing in 2018 please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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