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Flow Cannabis Co. Headquartered in Mendocino County, California.

Flow Kana is a leading sustainable supply chain company and distributor of sungrown cannabis products and services. Flow Kana partners with and gives scale to craft farmers in Northern California, who focus on beyond-organic farming practices.

The Challenge

As a sun grown brand from the Emerald Triangle, Flow Kana plants express higher than average levels of terpene concentrations resulting in a more flavorful and effective experience. But everyone claims they have the best flower, right? So how do you show them the flavor, aroma, and effects that yours packs?

“Cannabis consumers are starting to understand the role that terpenes play in their experience…we wanted to give customers a quick way to visualize what they can expect from each particular cultivar.”

Annie Davis, VP Marketing at Flow Cannabis Co.

The Solution

Flow Kana, the flagship brand of Flow Cannabis Co., doesn’t just tell customers about the balance of aromas and flavors in their products; they show them through easy-to-understand color-coded graphics on the packaging. Flow Kana tests their product through SC Labs and uses the lab’s PhytoFacts chemometric reporting solution, which displays a visual representation of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes.

“Cannabis consumers are starting to understand the role that terpenes play in their experience,” according to Annie Davis, VP Marketing at Flow Cannabis Co. “The balance between total cannabinoids, individual cannabinoids, and dominant terpenes will dictate what type of experience you can expect, especially as it relates to the entourage effect. So we wanted to give customers a quick way to visualize what they can expect from this particular cultivar.”

Flow Kana product label with terpene data

Elegant and insightful packaging

The packaging on Farmer’s Reserve by Flow Kana features the PhytoFacts data that helps budtenders and buyers ensure they’re getting the right product for their desired experience. The cultivar’s top three most dominant terpenes are highlighted along with a color-coded bar chart that exhibits the extent of the projected effects including relaxation, focus, energy, inspiration, calm, and comfort.

“California’s famed Emerald Triangle is the most highly regarded cannabis growing region in the world,” said Michael Steinmetz, CEO of Flow Cannabis Co. “Our flower is lovingly grown in the rich microclimates where cannabis naturally produces its highest expression, with remarkable terpene and cannabinoid profiles so we chose to showcase that on the product’s packaging.”

“What we see from cross-testing is that the average [flower contains] about 1.5% total terpene content,” says Alec Dixon, the co-founder of SC Labs. “All of the strains I’ve seen so far from Farmer’s Reserve are anywhere between 2.5% to 3% total terpene content. It’s exceptionally high, which is clearly going to have an amazing effect not only on the overall potency but also the unique effect that it ultimately provides.”

The Impact

“We’ve been really excited to see how the addition of the PhytoFacts data has enlarged the sungrown cannabis experience for our customers and the budtenders who serve them,” Davis added. “Having the famed ‘entourage effect’ broken down into easy-to-understand visuals helps our flower fans understand why the sungrown cannabis they choose is their favorite cannabis product. That data does a lot of our work for us — and I’m always a fan of that.”

Flow Kana product and PhytoFacts

PhytoFacts is a complete platform and tool to characterize the quality of your flowers and concentrates.

With little standardization, many of the largest flower and concentrate brands are promoting terpene content in a less than ideal manner. The integrated PhytoFacts solution enables patients, consumers, and those in the supply chain to predict a broad range of flavors, aromas, and effects from laboratory analysis reports. Take a tour of PhytoFacts, and see how easy it is to make data-driven decisions about your cannabis and hemp flowers or concentrates.

Contact your SC Labs representative to learn more.

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