Genetic Testing

SC Labs offers several tests that utilize modern genetic tools to assist cultivators and plant breeders. This powerful technology has only been available to the large corporations that dominate the broader agricultural industries until recently. Now SC Labs is able to offer the same tools to the cannabis industry to help our customers save significant time and resources, breed new diverse and unique cannabis cultivars, or protect their IP.

XY Test: Using the power of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, SC Labs is able to determine the sex of a plant almost as soon as it sprouts from its’ seed. Our assay can extract enough DNA out of a small piece of leaf to determine whether the plant will become a male or female plant. This powerful tool allows cultivators to cull male plants from day one rather than growing them for several months before determining sex. This saves considerable time and resources in the form of soil, nutrients, and labor growing male plants.

SC Labs has also incorporated this powerful technology into our microbiological testing protocols. SCL uses qPCR technology to increase the sensitivity and speed up turnaround time for several of our pathogen detection assays. Using qPCR, SCL is able to identify as little as one active colony of some of the most potentially harmful microbiological pathogens including salmonella, E coli, etc. qPCR technology also helps eliminate the possibility of misidentification of benign species of mold or bacteria. Culture methods can often lead to false positives. With new regulations requiring grower to destroy crops contaminated with pathogenic microbes, SC Labs is investing heavily in technologies which avoid the possibility of false positives that can have huge financial consequences for our customers.

Strain Seek: SC Labs has partnered with the leader in cannabis genetics to offer StrainSeek to our clients. StrainSEEK is Medicinal Genomics proprietary DNA sequencing service for the cannabis plant. The founders of Medicinal Genomics have brought their extensive experience in the Human Genome project to mapping the genetics of the cannabis plant.

Customers submit their samples to SC Labs, we extract the DNA and Medicinal Genomics uses their sophisticated bioinformatics system to map out the genetic blueprint of each unique cannabis strain. They have developed a database of strain genetics that allows our customers to strain type their plants to ensure the proper genetic characterization of their products.

StrainSeek offers these benefits:

  • Easy submission and recovery via Medicinal Genomics proprietary blockchain interface
  • Automatic Comparison to other submitted plant sequences
  • Automated time-stamped submission
  • Secure public database
  • QR Code compatible for quick point of purchase reference to Plant Seq ID

Genetic testing technology is progressing at an exciting pace and SC Labs is committed to continuing to innovate by bringing assays available to the broader agricultural community to our cannabis customers.

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