Is your CBD what it says it is? Study finds high-THC weed sold as hemp

Leafly | Is your CBD what it says it is? Study finds high-THC weed sold as hemp

By SC Labs, Leafly | Testing failures highlight the need for national regulations on hemp. As federal and state governments tackle the legalization of hemp as a distinct product from cannabis, the safety of the products produced from hemp isn’t getting the same attention as those produced from THC-based cannabis. While every crop requires a cannabinoid test to establish its identity as hemp rather than […]

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High anxiety over federal weed loophole

Politico | High anxiety over federal weed loophole

By Mona Zhang, Politico | A seeming loophole in federal law is allowing people to buy products designed to get them high. While many industry observers posit that Delta-8’s rise can be attributed to consumers in states that haven’t legalized marijuana, hemp businesses see a lot of sales even in states that are home to adult-use marijuana markets […]

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Chemometrics will change how you buy weed

Chemometrics will change how you buy weed

SC Labs, Leafly. How better testing empowers good cannabis When you look at a cannabis label, you probably notice the THC potency percentage first, and maybe you even choose your purchases based on the most THC for your dollar. But that label can be seriously misleading—in more ways than one. The rush to get the […]

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SC Labs Launches PhytoFacts® to Provide Advanced Chemometrics Reporting That Will Redefine How We Shop for Cannabis

PhytoFacts Chemometric Reporting

PRESS RELEASE | SC Laboratories, Inc., (SC Labs) has announced that it has licensed Napro Research LLC’s proprietary data visualization tool PhytoFacts. Clients testing cannabis through the lab will now have access to this game-changing reporting format and algorithm that provides a visual profile of each strain’s chemical makeup. The company aims to lead the […]

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7 Warning Signs a CBD Product is Fake

Reader's Digest | 7 Warning Signs a CBD Product is Fake

By Jill Schildhouse, Reader’s Digest | An alarming number of CBD products on the market fail laboratory testing for safety and efficacy. Learn how to discern between reputable brands and imposters. It’s the “holy grail” everyone seems to recommend for any ailment from insomnia to arthritis these days: CBD. This molecule, derived from the cannabis plant, helps support the body’s […]

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A Matter of Equity: Addressing the Lack of Diversity in Cannabis

MG Retailer | Business A Matter of Equity: Addressing Diversity in the Cannabis Industry

By Kaisha-Dyan McMillan, MG Retailer | Memorial Day 2020 will be remembered as a watershed moment in history. Throughout the holiday weekend, civil unrest exploded in communities across America and around the world to protest the senseless killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Amaud Arbery, and other unarmed Black people whose lives were cut short by law enforcement officers and […]

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California’s New Cannabis Terroir Laws Are A Major Win For Legacy Growers

Green Entrepreneur | California’s New Green Entrepreneur | Cannabis Terroir Laws Are A Major Win For Legacy Growers

By Andrew Ward | A new state law restricts use of artificial lights, shelters or any other form of temperature or climate control. California’s most iconic cannabis cultivation zones and its local outdoor growers recently received a boost to their business when Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 67 into law on Sept. 30. The regulation amends Section 26063 of the Business and Professions Code while […]

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The Paper Chase

Marijuana Venture | The Paper Chase

By Brian Beckley, Marijuana Venture | Producers and processors may be used to keeping an eye on their inputs to ensure their products are safe from pesticides and heavy metals, but they may have to begin worrying about something they hadn’t considered before: rolling papers. A new study out of SC Labs in California found that 11% of the rolling papers analyzed had pesticides or heavy metals above […]

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In the Cannabis Patch, a Patchwork of Safety Standards–and in Some Cases None At All

Fair Warning | In the Cannabis Patch, a Patchwork of Safety Standards--and in Some Cases None At All

By Nate Seltenrich, Fair Warning | Although 35 states, three U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for recreational or medical use, there still are no uniform standards for regulating potentially harmful contaminants in cannabis products. And with five more states voting this November on whether to allow cannabis for the first time, the problem will […]

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Representation Matters in Hemp

Marijuana Business Daily | Representation Matters in Hemp

By Laura Drotleff, Marijuana Business Magazine | Agriculture is often lacking in diversity, but farms and agribusinesses can take steps to make recruiting more inclusive. People of all ethnicities want to feel comfortable in the workplace, and that often begins with seeing faces that look like their own represented within their company and the industry as a whole. […]

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