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Should rolling papers be tested for pesticides and heavy metals?

Prerolled cannabis: Should rolling papers be tested for pesticides and heavy metals?

Pre-rolls are making a reappearance as the preferred method of consumption among cannabis users, and the rolling papers market has exploded to meet this growing demand. In the interest of consumer safety, we decided to conduct our own independent tests on random rolling papers to gauge the potential for tainted products in the market. SC Labs President and Cofounder Josh Wurzer summarizes the findings.

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My Role with the USP Cannabis Expert Panel to Establish Cannabis Quality and Safety Attributes (for Medical Patients)

USP Cannabis Expert Panel | Cannabis Inflorescence for Medical Purposes: USP Considerations for Quality Attributes

The USP Cannabis Expert Panel is working to develop quality and safety standards for the cannabis industry. These guidelines are essential for public health protection and will help facilitate scientific research on cannabis safety and therapeutic potential. For three years, I’ve served as an independent volunteer on the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Cannabis Expert Panel, offering my […]

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