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SCL Tested

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Sample Name Tested For Type Date Tested Cannabinoids
ACDC CO2 OilPOP NaturalsOil04-18-2014
GDP CO2 OilPOP NaturalsOil04-18-2014
3X CrazyGranny PurpsIndica04-18-2014
Girl Scout CookiesGranny PurpsIndica04-18-2014
Bubba KushLCC StorefrontIndica04-18-2014
White Fire OgCaliBloomIndica04-17-2014
Juicy FruitCaliBloomHybrid04-17-2014
Alien AbductionCaliBloomHybrid04-17-2014

SCL Tested

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All Tests Are Not Created EqualSC Laboratories uses methods and processes consistent with FDA, ELAP, and EPA guidelines. Knowing your medicine has been tested isn't enough. For analytical testing to be accurate and reliable, established and validated methods must be used and available for scientific scrutiny. "Just take our word for it" isn't scientifically valid. SC Laboratories will make available all methods used in our testing regimine upon request.

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